Contending for the Faith–eBooks

This site contains the following books in electronic form:

  • Brothers, Hear Our Defense (1): Concerning Biblical Authority, the Twofoldness of Divine Truth, and the Incarnation addresses three basic matters of truth:
    • The error making creeds, not the Bible, the rule of faith;
    • The twofoldness of divine truth, a principle of biblical interpretation first articulated by Robert Govett; and
    • The infinite God becoming a finite man through incarnation.
  • Brothers, Hear Our Defense (2): Concerning the Divine Trinity discusses:
    • The difficulties associated with using the word “person” in relation to the Divine Trinity;
    • The error of confusing affirmation of the co-working of the Divine Trinity with patripassianism;
    • The biblical truths undergirding the statement in Isaiah 9:6 that the Son given to us is called “eternal Father”; and
    • The apostle Paul’s teaching in 2 Corinthians 3:17 that the Lord is the Spirit.
  • Brothers, Hear Our Defense (3): Concerning the State of Christendom examines:
    • Witness Lee’s biblical critique of Christianity;
    • The misrespresentation of that critique by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes and their defense of Roman Catholicism; and
    • Geisler and Rhodes’ hypocrisy in condemning Witness Lee in light of statements they and their associates have made.
  • Brothers, Hear Our Defense (4): Against False Witness presents strong evidence that Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes have repeated false witness in:
    • Alleging “litigiousness” on the part of the local churches;
    • Accusing the local churches of driving the Spiritual Counterfeits Project into bankruptcy; and
    • Their characterization of the Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions and of the issues involved in the litigation concerning it.
  • Voices of Confirmation Concerning Watchman Nee, Witness Lee & the Local Churches, a brochure containing a compilation of statements from leaders in Christian apologetics, theological education, and evangelical journalism affirming the orthodoxy of the teaching and practices of the local churches raised up through the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.
  • A Defense of the Gospel: Responses to an Open Letter from “Christian Scholars and Ministry Leaders “(1), which contains two responses written by representatives of the local churches and the editorial section of Living Stream Ministry (LSM) in response to an open letter calling on LSM and the local churches to disavow certain teachings of Witness Lee. These responses show the thoroughly biblical basis of Witness Lee’s statements and the critical truths they convey concerning the Triune God, His complete salvation, and the church as the Body of Christ practically expressed in local churches.
  • A Defense of the Gospel: Responses to an Open Letter from “Christian Scholars and Ministry Leaders” (2), which directly addresses the seventeen quotations which were severed from their original context and juxtaposed to create a distorted view of Witness Lee’s ministry in an open letter posted on the Internet under the names of “Christian scholars and ministry leaders.” Each quotation is examined in its original context and in light of the biblical truths it articulates concerning the Trinity, God’s full salvation, and the church.
  • A Confirmation of the Gospel: Concerning the Teaching of the Local Churches and Living Stream Ministry, which contains a statement prepared by brothers representing the local churches and by the editorial section of Living Stream Ministry for the faculty panel of Fuller Theological Seminary to document some of the key theological issues addressed in their ongoing dialogue. The main body of the book addresses:
    • Our affirmation of the common faith;
    • Our particular understanding of certain truths, including:
      • The Trinity;
      • The Person of Christ;
      • The identification of Christ with the life-giving Spirit
      • God’s full salvation; and
      • The genuine ground of oneness; and
    • The way we meet together and seek to serve the Lord.
  • The Local Churches: “Genuine Believers and Fellow Members of the Body of Christ”, which contains statements by Hank Hanegraaff, President of the Christian Research Institute; Gretchen Passantino, co-founder and director of Answers in Action; and a panel of senior faculty members at Fuller Theological Seminary. All three of these respected sources confirmed the orthodoxy of the teaching of Witness Lee and the local churches.

Printing DCP Press book files

Voices of Confirmation is laid out as an 8.5″ x 11″ brochure. In the form in which it is available on this site, it does not have crop marks.

The other items are set up with a page size of 5.5″ x 8.5″. These electronic versions can be taken to a digital or offset printer as is to print and bind in booklet form. If you print these files using default settings, they will print centered on the page with wide margins. To print the booklet files two to a page (but not in bookfold format), select “Multiple pages per sheet” on the pulldown menu for “Page scaling” on the Print dialog box. This should change “Pages per sheet” to 2.

To request access to the book covers or to the inside pages of Voices of Confirmation with crop marks for printing, please contact us.